Local Park Could Receive $20,000 Grant

CORPU CHRISTI, TX - Corpus Christi’s parks are not-so-hidden gems that shine in so many ways. But sometimes, those gems need a little polishing. In the case of the City’s West Guth Park located at 9725 Up River Road, improvements to its current playground equipment would greatly enhance the experience of visiting this very popular outdoor attraction. Of course, upgrading the park’s facilities costs money. Luckily, getting funding for those improvements is what the National Recreation and Park Association’s month-long Meet Me at the Park campaign is all about.

“With the grant money, we would be able to add a significant element to the playground as part of a project that is already underway,” says Stacie Talbert Anaya, Assistant Director of Park Operations and Development.

Talbert Anaya says West Guth Park is the City’s second most-visited park, ranked just below Cole Park.  West Guth’s continued popularity is largely due to its appealing variety of amenities that include a recreation center, a walking trail, a swimming pool, a pavilion and playgrounds as well as plenty of wide open spaces that have welcomed visitors since the park first opened back in the early 1950s.

In order for Corpus Christi to receive this $20,000 grant, it has to get the most support. The process is as simple as logging on to   www.meetmeatthepark.org and nominate Corpus Christi. Nominations are also accepted as selfies taken at any area park with the hashtags #MeetMeAtThePark, #Parkies and #BeInspired. Participants over the age of 18 can vote once every day until April 30. Should Corpus Christi accumulate the most nominations, the $20,000 grant would help fund improvements to West Guth Park. But this cannot happen without the everyone’s help.

“I would encourage people to vote and to be empowered to live, learn and play,” adds Talbert-Anaya. “This Meet Me at the Park campaign really demonstrates how important parks are to the City of Corpus Christi.”