Library's Archive Project Makes History Digital

Regardless of its historical setting, a story that captures the imagination is always hard to put down. However, it is often very easy to miss the story behind the story. Luckily, the identification and preservation of those stories from the past is the mission of the City’s Library Department.
Laura Garcia, Director of Libraries and her staff are working to digitize the library’s archives so the city's historic photographs, letters, diaries, and newspapers can more clearly link the past to the present and future.

“The archiving process consists of several components,” says Garcia. “This includes not only taking an inventory of the items but also properly identifying each item for its historical significance.”
The archive project began in 2000 and the fact that it is still in progress underscores just how time-consuming it is. However, the attention to detail is well worth it considering the historical treasures that have already been documented and digitized.
“We have such notable items as a letter from General Zachary Taylor from 1845 before the Mexican War, fascinating photos from the Doc McGregor collection and even documents from one of the oldest women’s clubs in the state,” Garcia says.
The effort to digitize a significantly large collection continues to be a challenge, but anyone seeking to learn more about the area’s history will find a wealth of stories to discover along the way.
“We want to provide everyone open access to our archives,” says Garcia. 
“Whether people are doing a research project for school, tracing their ancestry or are just curious to learn more about the past, we welcome them to come and explore history in this very unique way.”