Inspections Reduced for Backflow Preventers Used with Residential Irrigation Systems

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – Today, City Council members approved changes to the Plumbing Code allowing a reduction in the number of inspections required for residential backflow preventers, effective today.

Backflow preventers for residential irrigation systems without chemical injectors are now ONLY required to be inspected and tested upon initial installation or when repaired. The code change aligns with TCEQ rules and regulations for public water systems for residential irrigation.

The reliability of our municipal water system has improved greatly, therefore, the risk of contamination to our water supply from a backflow event related to a residential irrigation system is minimal.

Residents who have an alternate water source (private well), in addition to City water, must install a backflow preventer on the City line and have it inspected and tested annually.

Backflow preventers are used to prevent contamination of municipal water systems. The City of Corpus Christi’s codes require the installation of backflow prevention devices for irrigation systems, water pumps, fire sprinkler systems and other applications where back pressure or back siphonage can occur.

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