Infrastructure Management Program for FY 2023 to FY 2025 Approved by City Council

City's First Five Year Streets' Plan Now in Place

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – At today’s regularly scheduled City Council meeting, Corpus Christi Mayor Joe McComb and the City Council approved the remaining three years of the five-year Infrastructure Management Plan (IMP). It includes a list of neighborhood, arterial and collector streets for street maintenance work to be completed as part of the City’s Street Maintenance Program during FY 2023, FY 2024, and FY 2025. The IMP is a five-year rolling program which focuses on the maintenance of Corpus Christi streets. The first two years of the program were approved by Council in October.

It is subject to change annually based on prioritization. During the annual budget process, the IMP will be presented to City Council for review and approval. Upon adoption of the City’s annual budget, the IMP will be updated on the City’s website. 

Reasons for potential amendments to the adopted IMP program may include coordination with utilities, economic development projects, bond programs, planned maintenance application that is not appropriate for actual maintenance needed, and/or response to unforeseen conditions like inclement weather and citywide emergencies.

Residents now can with certainty know that streets will be improved in the next five years. Each year, a new fifth year will be added.

To review a complete list of all the streets included in plan and an interactive map of street locations please visit: For more information media representatives can contact Sr. Public Information Officer Melanie Lowry at 361-826-3837 or by email at