Increased Chlorine Levels Implemented Overnight

The City of Corpus Christi implemented a change in water disinfectant overnight in an effort to increase chlorine levels citywide. Progress continues to be made to increase chlorine levels in three areas remaining under a boil water advisory. There continues to be no E.coli present in the water system.

Residents may begin to see increased chlorine levels reach their homes today depending on the area of the city they live. It could take as long as 7 days for disinfectant to reach all areas of the city depending on water flow in the distribution system. With the increased disinfectant, residents could experience cloudy or discolored water as the chlorine is increased. If a resident experiences this problem they should take the following steps:

  • Flush faucets indoor and outdoor by opening for 5 minutes to clear water lines.
  • If clear, no further action is necessary.
  • If remains cloudy, call the City at 826-2489.
  • A utility crew will be dispatched to investigate the cause.

Cloudy or discolored water is sometimes a side effect of increased chlorination. Likewise, the chlorine can dislodge biofilm present in water lines. The city wants to avoid an expansion of the boil water advisory and this is a possibility with increased chlorine levels. It is important residents call to report discolored water after they have flushed their household water lines.

The City has created a new set of frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding increased chlorine levels (see below). Residents can contact the customer call center at 826-2489.

FAQs Increased Chlorine Levels