Increased Chlorine Levels Beginning To Enter Boil Advisory Areas

The City of Corpus Christi began an alternative water disinfectant early Monday morning in an effort to boost chlorine levels. The latest data indicates the increased chlorine has begun to reach boil water advisory areas.

Once boil water advisory areas have experienced increased chlorine for 48 hours, the City will confirm with laboratory testing. There continues to be no E. coli in the water system.

As the increased chlorine reaches each area of the city, residents should notice the increase in chlorine smell and taste in the water. 

Recommendations for reducing the chlorine taste or smell include:

· Aerating (shaking, or stirring) water in a container
· Refrigerating
· Opening faucets 3 to 5 seconds prior to use

If residents experience cloudy or colored water is it important they take the following actions:

· Flush water for 5 minutes including outdoor and indoor faucets.
· If water clears, no further action is necessary.
· If water continues to be cloudy, call the City customer service center at (361) 826-2489.

Additional information can be found on the City website at including boil water information increased chlorine level fact sheets and common questions.