Helping the Environment is Service Guide's Goal

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX - The Solid Waste Services annual service guide is here and it's packed with information, schedules and tips designed to help residents. It also has recommendations on how citizens can do their part to preserve natural resources while safeguarding the environment. 
“This service guide is meant to be an all-encompassing document of information about Solid Waste Services,” Program Outreach Coordinator Celina Pulcher said.

“You can find everything from recycling information and collection schedules, as well as valuable conservation tips and suggestions.”
The service guide represents several months of planning and hard work to ensure the information is timely and accurate. In addition to offering very useful ways local households can do their part to conserve, the service guide also features collection guidelines, recycling service information, and detailed garbage, brush, and bulky item pickup schedules.
Now that the hard work of creating the service guide is done, the task of getting it out to everyone remains the top priority. According to Pulcher, a detailed plan to distribute the guide will ensure everyone in the City can acquire this valuable resource.
The service guide will be mailed out with the upcoming utility bill. It can also be picked up at local libraries, at the Solid Waste Services office on Hygeia Street , City Hall and at various local restaurants.
“The goal of the service guide is to inform citizens about the programs, resources and services that we offer,” Pulcher said. “It is meant to be an easy and convenient way to learn about the things that every household can do to help our environment.”