General Services Keep Things Rolling

Whether it is the familiar sight of a police car patrolling a local neighborhood, a Solid Waste Services truck emptying trash receptacles or a work convoy doing street repairs, all these City vehicles have one very vital thing in common. They are all maintained and managed by General Services. For Jim Davis, the Director of General Services, the responsibility of ensuring such an impressive fleet is always road ready is one that is filled with miles of challenges.
“We are responsible for City vehicles and equipment,” Davis said.
“We assist in the acquisition process of the vehicles, maintain them during their service life and dispose of them at the end of their service life.”

Considering most of these vehicles and equipment are used nearly every day, their reliability and functionality remain a constant consideration for Davis and his staff of 59 employees. He estimates a typical police car will last about four years while a garbage collection truck could be in service for nearly twice as long. 
In addition to the constant task of maintenance, General Services is also ready during any area emergency. During the recent water ban, the department assisted in the transport of bottled water with forklifts and trucks and went on to deliver water to the various distribution points. 
“We are also at the ready during other emergencies with a 24/7 response plan to keep everything operable,” Davis said.  “This includes everything from fueling up generators to cleaning up after a storm.”
Davis said despite the demands of the job, the most challenging part of managing a fleet of 1,780 vehicles is keeping the equipment as current as possible. Still, it is good to know anytime a key starts up the ignition of a City vehicle, it is a reminder of Jim Davis’ continued commitment to making sure every set of wheels is always road ready.