Firefighters in Quarantine After Treating Pediatric Patient with COVID-19 Symptoms

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – Four firefighters have been placed in quarantine after treating and transporting an infant to the hospital who was later determined to show symptoms of COVID-19.

Earlier this morning the Corpus Christi Fire Department responded to a medical call for an infant who was unconscious and not breathing. The crew arrived to find the mother doing CPR. Firefighters resumed CPR and transported the infant to Driscoll Children’s Hospital.

Firefighters removed eye goggles for better visibility while completing procedures during transport to the hospital. Later, the Driscoll Infection Control Officer contacted the Fire Department to notify personnel the infant fit the criteria for COVID-19 testing.

Out of an abundance of caution the four firefighters will stay in quarantine pending the patient’s COVID-19 test results.

The City of Corpus Christi is committed to ensuring the safety of first responders and will take necessary action to protect personnel, their families, and the community.