Every Public Servant is Unique

A history lover and a firefighter have one thing in common – devoting their lives to serving the public.

Library Director Laura Garcia and Firefighter I Earl Davis have worked for the city for more than 80 years combined and they continue to do it because they enjoy helping others.

Garcia started her career at the former La Retama Library in the reference department in 1976. She transitioned through more than 10 different positions and four different libraries, but never strayed from her love of books and history. Three years ago, she was named library director.

“I’ve always liked to help people and (they) don’t realize it but we do help a lot of different people in the libraries,” Garcia said.

Davis celebrated his 40th year with the city in August. He started his firefighter career in the U.S. Air Force and knew it was something he wanted to do for the rest of his life. “I like serving people. I like dealing with the community.” Davis said. “It’s something I’ve always enjoyed doing and when you can help someone it’s a win win situation. I knew I was destined to do.”

Being a public servant is unique, Interim Assistant City Manager Jay Ellington said.

Ellington recently started a routine of speaking to new city employees every Monday about the importance of public service.

“We are providing services that nobody else can provide and we are doing it for the community,” Ellington said.

Similar to Garcia and Davis, he has devoted more than four decades of his life to public service, the last year and a half with the City of Corpus Christi. And unlike his other jobs he says he is rewarded by things that work well and fit together such as seeing kids play at a park, sitting in a sold out convention center or watching a plane take off from our local airport. All represent rewarding achievements as a public servant.

Garcia, Davis and Ellington are very proud to work for the City of Corpus Christi, and while each of them serves the public in different aspects, they continue to offer their undivided services for the same cause -- to help someone in need.