Employee Resolutions Focus on Delivering Great Work

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX - Losing weight. Saving money. Getting organized. All familiar New Year’s resolutions many people make, but few carry out. However, as several City employees head into 2017, a few of them are enthusiastically making some “at-work” resolutions that will not only help them be more productive, they just might be a whole lot easier to achieve.

Magda Roeder’s days as an Insurance Benefits Analyst in the City’s Human Resources department are filled with plenty of questions. Magda’s constantly upbeat approach makes navigating through insurance forms, benefits issues and retirement planning paperwork a truly painless, even fun experience. Even though Magda has only been working for the City for a little over a year, her enthusiasm fuels her desire to always do the best work she can.

“Treat others as you would like to be treated,” Roeder said when asked to describe her at-work resolution. “It is the key to delivering great customer service."

For Corpus Christi native Rudy Bentancourt, his job as Director of the Housing and Community Development department is filled with many challenges. But every project he undertakes is also filled with plenty of paperwork. That is why his at-work resolution for the new year focuses on putting everything in its place.

“I would have to say that my at-work resolution is to get organized,” Bentancourt said.  “It is a never ending process, but one that will be a big priority for me.”

Interim Assistant Director of Budget and Strategic Managment Christine Garza has been working for the City for four years. This married mother of two not only puts in long hours poring over numbers, but she is also taking online classes from Walden University as she pursues her Doctorate of Business Administration.  Christine’s “at-work” resolution for the New Year is to continue developing her leadership skills by placing an emphasis on employee engagement.

So whether it is delivering the best customer service, getting organized, or empowering and engaging staff members to deliver their best, these City employees’ at-work resolutions set the course for a productive and successful 2017.