Disinfectant Levels Stabilized

Boil Water Advisory Continues

The City continues to make progress in lifting the boil water advisory issued late Friday. City crews continue to work 24/7 and all chlorine levels have stabilized. There continues to be no E.coli in the water system.  

With additional sampling throughout the City, one sample has tested positive for elevated levels for other bacteria. Additional sampling is ongoing to ensure adequate chlorine is maintained and no bacteria is present prior to lifting the boil water advisory.

The next update will occur Monday when the latest round of water sample results will be available.

The City will provide updates when information changes or when it is no longer necessary to boil water. Citizens can receive on-going information about the water boil advisory at the City website at www.cctexas.com (newsroom) or http://news.cctexas.com. The newsroom also has a feature for residents to sign up for direct news via email.