Council Endorses Mayor Paulette M. Guajardo to Represent City on Texas Municipal League Board of Directors

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – At today’s regularly scheduled City Council meeting, Corpus Christi Mayor Paulette M. Guajardo and the City Council endorsed Mayor Guajardo to represent the City on the board of directors for the Texas Municipal League (TML).  

TML is a statewide organization that represents the interest of Texas cities at the state and federal level.  TML also facilitates the exchange of information among cities across our region and the state of Texas.  The City of Corpus Christi has a permanent director-at-large seat on the TML board of Directors which gives the City a voice to influence the operations of TML and the advocacy decisions made by the organization.  The TML Board of Directors is comprised of a president, regional directors, affiliate directors, directors-at-large, and past presidents.

“It is my privilege to represent Corpus Christi on the Texas Municipal League (TML) Board of Directors. The TML is at the center of strong advocacy on behalf of municipalities and serves as a forum for molding critical public policy. I look forward to be a part of empowering our Texas cities to serve our residents,” said Mayor Paulette M. Guajardo.  

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