Council Approves Land Exchange with the US Navy to protect Navy Air Training Fields from Incompatible Development

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – At today’s regularly scheduled City Council meeting, Corpus Christi Mayor Joe McComb and the City Council approved the final closing of a land exchange transaction with the United States of America acting by and through the Department of the Navy.

The City acquired the parcels in this transaction beginning in the mid-1980s to ensure no incompatible development occurred in the clear zones surrounding Naval Air Training Fields in Corpus Christi. The City, along with the South Texas Military Task Force, worked for several years to pass federal legislation in the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act that provided a process allowing the City to transfer 40-acres of city owned properties surrounding Truax, Cabaniss and Waldron Fields to the Navy in exchange for a 44-acre parcel known as Peary Place located on SPID at Oso Creek.  

The Corpus Christi City Council approved a resolution in September of 2019 authorizing staff to execute the Land Exchange Agreement with the United States of America, by and for the Department of the Navy. Today the City Council authorized the City Manager or designee to finalize the exchange which will allow the City to eliminate maintenance costs for properties being transferred to the U.S. Navy and obtain property that can be used for recreational or other purposes. 

The City of Corpus Christi is proud to host Naval Air Station Corpus Christi in our community and is committed to protecting the missions based here. This transaction is just one more step in the long productive relationship between the City and our Military partners. According to the Texas Military Preparedness Commission the combined missions of Naval Air Station Corpus Christi and the Corpus Christi Army Depot have a $4.6 billion annual impact to the Texas economy. The City would like to thank the South Texas Military Task Force for their assistance to advocate for this land exchange and for the work the Task Force does to protect our military missions in South Texas.   

Texas Military Preparedness Commission - Naval Air Station Corpus Christi 2020

Texas Military Preparedness Commission - Corpus Christi Army Depot 2020