Correction on Cole Park Pier Incident

Security Footage Reveals Visitor Intentionally Jumped into Bay - Bill to be sent in the amount of up to $3,189.75

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – The City of Corpus Christi is investigating an incident that happened Monday afternoon on Cole Park Pier.

Initial media reports said a man visiting the city for Spring Break fell into the bay while standing on the pier. But a review of the security video shows the man climbing the guard rails and intentionally jumping from the top guard rail into the bay. He tried to swim to shore, but the wave action forced him to hold on to a pier piling. A Corpus Christi Fire Department rescue crew pulled him from the water. He suffered minor injuries.  

“Our new Cole Park Pier is safe for people of all ages. The new pier includes numerous safety features and is ADA accessible,” City Manager Peter Zanoni said. “The City of Corpus Christi has zero tolerance for acts of violence, vandalism, or pranks that erode public trust and cost the taxpayer money.”

Corpus Christi Police issued the visitor a citation (a penalty of up to $500) for climbing upon a structure forbidden to be climbed on by City ordinance. The ordinance states no person shall climb upon any building, wall, flagpole, light post, fence, barricade, water tower, railing, bridge, bridge structure, smokestack, or any other structure without first having the consent of the owner or custodian thereof.

The cost for City emergency crews to respond to the incident and the water rescue of the individual was $2,689.75. The City is sending a bill to the visitor for the full cost of the rescue along with the citation.

For media inquiries, contact Public Information Manager Robert Gonzales at 361-826-3233 or by email at