Corpus Christi Water Customers Not Eligible for Water Discount

CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS - During the state-mandated boil water advisory last month, water utility customers inquired about water billing discounts based on the advisory. The City of Corpus Christi researched this question internally and with bond counsel. The results of the research will not support a water utility discount based on the boil water advisory.

Several factors were critical in determining the viability of a discount including analysis of Texas Government Code Section 1502.057 which requires:

  • The municipality to impose and collect charges for services by a utility in amounts to sufficiently pay all operations and debt.

  • Utility rates must be equal and uniform.

  • A municipality many not allow for free utility services.

“Unfortunately the City will not be able to offer water customers a discount based on the boil water advisory,” said Interim City Manager Margie C. Rose. “The City of Corpus Christi remains committed to determining the cause of the latest boil water advisory and working to improve the overall municipal water system,” added Ms. Rose.

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