Corpus Christi Utility Customers Surprised by Higher Water Bills

The City of Corpus Christi has received calls from numerous water customers regarding increased water bills. With drought measures being in place for over two years, many customers have grown accustomed to lower water costs with increased conservation. Many Texas communities are experiencing the same situation with an ease in drought restrictions resulting in higher consumption and subsequent billing.

The City takes billing inquiries seriously and recommends the following action for customers with higher than normal water bills:

  • Examine current water usage based on previous billings.
  • Investigate potential leaks inside and outside the home; even small leaks can have an impact on water billing.
  • Call the City at 826-CITY (2489) to speak with a representative in utility billing resolutions.


Water leaks or changes in watering routines can result in higher water usage. Some common increased usage culprits include:

  • Irrigation systems – the average sprinkler irrigation can use as much as 900 gallons of water in an hour.
  • Faucets – each leak could result in roughly 120 gallons of water wasted per month multiplied by several plumbing fixtures could add up quickly.
  • Pools, ponds, fountains -
    • Small overflows or evaporation can cause increased water usage especially if there is a direct water source to replenish the water loss.
    • The average swimming pool loses approximately 780 gallons per month to evaporation.
  • Garden hose -
    • An unattended watering hose with constant flow can account for some 840 gallons of water per day.
    • Quick connect systems with open taps can release water pressure in intervals causing increased usage. Check manufacturer information to determine if your system auto releases water.

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