Contractors Remediating Chemical Spill

Residents in Northwest Corpus Christi May Notice Odor

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – Earlier in the week, units from the Corpus Christi Fire Department (CCFD), the Annaville Fire Department, and the Bluntzer Fire Department responded to a chemical spill in the area of FM 624, Highway 77 East, County Road 50 South, and County Road 73 West.

Contractors currently are on scene and began remediating the area at approximately 1:45 PM today. CCFD will be on site for air quality monitoring. The remediation activities will cause a noticeable odor in the area. The odor will be released from a product called mercaptan, which is used to keep natural gas safe because it releases a foul-smelling odor when gas leaks occur in order for them to be detected. The severity of this odor will depend on distance from the work sight as well as wind direction and speed. Current air monitoring readings show that the mercaptan levels are well below the threshold for concern for irritation to skin, eyes, or respiratory systems to individuals living or working within this area.

CCFD will remain on scene throughout this process to provide continued air monitoring. Additionally, first responders on scene have traveled to neighborhoods as well as school campuses in the affected area to provide notice of the upcoming activities.  

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