City to Implement Wastewater Winter Quarter Averaging

Beginning June 2020, the wastewater charge will change

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – The City of Corpus Christi is changing the way residential customers are charged for wastewater. Winter Quarter Averaging (WQA) is a method of calculating wastewater charges based on the average amount of water used at your residence during three consecutive billing cycles over the winter months. Wastewater charges on your bill will be the same each month until a new average is calculated.


Usage Month                          Gallons of Water Used

December                                           3,000

January                                               5,000

February                                             4,000


Total Gallons:                          12,000 / 3 = 4,000 gal


Your total use will be divided in three, in this case, the average is 4,000 gallons.

Using this example, the minimum charge for wastewater will be for 2,000 gallons at $32.60 and a fee of $6.69 will be charged for every 1,000 additional gallons.


  2,000 gal                   $32.60

+1,000 gal                   $ 6.69

+1,000 gal                   $ 6.69


Total:                           $45.98


Wastewater Winter Quarter Average only applies to residential customers. The change will be reflected by June 2020 in your monthly city services bill.

For more information, contact Public Information Officer Gabriela Morrow at 361-826-3583 or by email at