City Temporarily Closes Access Road 2 Due to Hazardous Debris from Beach Conditions

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – The City has temporarily closed Access Road 2 this evening due to impacts from Hurricane Delta in Corpus Christi. Access Road 2 is hazardous due to debris that has washed up from high tide. City Beach crews will assess the road Saturday morning to determine when it will be reopened.

Although other Gulf beach roads are clear, poor beach driving conditions are expected as water reaches the Gulf beach dunes mainly near the time of high tide which is at 12:44 AM on Saturday and 1:30 AM on Sunday. Some beach access roads will be impassable.  A high risk of rip currents will continue today as a result of large swells and long wave periods. 

Earlier this afternoon, there was an incident at Packery Channel involving members of a family being rescued and one fatality (a 60-year-old male). Lifeguards assisting in the rescue sustained minor injuries.

The public is encouraged to use caution while driving on access roads and avoid driving on the beach where there is water in the driving lanes or at the base of the dunes. Be aware that extremely high tides can deposit debris onto the beach that could potentially damage vehicle tires. 

Red Flag Rip Current Warning conditions and high-water levels will remain present through Saturday.

The public is urged to take precautions and follow local advisories for any updates.