City Reminds Water Customers to Stop Dripping Faucets and Check for Leaking Pipes

Video on how Customers can Shut Water Off at the Meter

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – According to the National Weather Service (NWS), the freeze warning issued for our area has been lifted.

The City asks all water customers do the following steps.

  • Turn off all faucets that were set to drip.  Faucets no longer need to drip to prevent frozen pipes as temperatures are above freezing.

Investigate appliances and fixtures.

  • Check the cabinets under the kitchen, laundry, and bathroom sinks to make sure they are dry.

Check for broken or leaking pipes.

  • Check all faucets to verify water flow. No or low flow may be the result of a broken or leaking pipe.
  • If some are producing water and others are not, this is most likely due to a leaking pipe.
  • Verify with your neighbors to see if they have water.  If you do not have water but they do, it is most likely a leaking pipe in your home.

Watch your water meter.

  • If you suspect a leak, monitoring your home’s water meter will give you a definitive answer. The meter is often located beneath a manhole-type cover near the street or on the side or back of the house, near to where the water supply line enters the house.

Stay alert to leaking clues.

  • Water may be trickling slowly from pipe fittings within a wall. Stay alert in your home for the following clues to a leaking pipe.
  • Wall discoloration
  • Bubbling paint or bulging wallpaper
  • A dripping sound
  • A musty smell

If you are experiencing broken or leaking pipes, the City has provided the following video that shows how to shut your water off at the meter.

Field technicians can also be scheduled to turn off the water for you. To schedule water meter turn offs only, you can email your request to or call our 24-hour Customer Service Call Center at 361-826-CITY (2489).

Media Representative can contact Strategic Communications Manager Amber Oetting at 361-826-1844.

For more information visit Stay connected with our city social media channels Facebook @citygov and Twitter @cityofcc.