City Reminds Residents to Keep Pets Safe During Winter Season

First Day of Winter is December 21

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – The City of Corpus Christi Animal Care Services (CCACS) reminds residents to take appropriate action regarding their pets and cold weather. 

If pets must remain outside, it is essential to provide them with a covered and weatherproof shelter. The shelter should be elevated from the ground, with the entrance facing away from the wind. Pet owners should also provide blankets or towels to keep their pets warm and closely monitor them. Fresh food and water should always be available. It is important to monitor young and older pets because they are more susceptible to medical issues in the cold. If the temperature reaches 32° F or below, pets must be brought indoors. It is important to remember that if it’s too cold for you to be outdoors, then it is too cold for your pets. 

CCACS officers will respond to calls regarding animals left out in the cold. Residents can call the City’s Customer Call Center at 311 or use the free 311 app to file a report. 

Residents should check their cars before starting them, as cats and small animals may seek shelter near or under vehicles. Dogs or cats should always be supervised in a car during cold weather. A car can act as a refrigerator in the winter, holding in the cold and causing serious injuries.

For more information, media representatives can contact Public Information Officer Brianna Sandoval at 361-826-1655 or