City Not Affiliated with District 1 Desal Town Hall

Corpus Christi Water Experts Will Not be in Attendance

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX –The City of Corpus Christi, including Corpus Christi Water and Councilmembers, is not affiliated with an upcoming District 1 Desal Townhall hosted and sponsored by Texas Campaign on the Environment (TCE).

TCE is a non-profit group focused on halting major Texas cities' strategic growth. With offices in several Texas cities, TCE has created grassroots local campaigns against seawater desalination projects in the Coastal Bend. TCE has not contacted Corpus Christi Water or the City of Corpus Christi to attend the District 1 Desal Town Hall.

The City does not know who will be presenting information at this meeting. There was no coordination with City water experts, and no one representing the City will attend the meeting as it is not a city-sponsored event.

Events held by the City, including an upcoming Corpus Christi Water Town Hall,  will include official announcements by the City through a news release and posts on social media.

Announcements will always include the City seal and contact information.

For updates from the City's regional water provider, follow Corpus Christi Water on social media channels on Facebook @CCTXWater and X @CCTXWater.

For more information, media representatives can contact Adrianna Escamilla, Corpus Christi Water Strategic Business Manager, at 361-826-1682 or

About Corpus Christi Water

For 130 years, the City of Corpus Christi has been vital as the water supplier for the region. Our commitment to 500,000 residents across the Coastal Bend is to plan, produce and deliver water that is affordable, drought-proof, sustainable, and reliable.