City Mosquito Abatement Underway

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX - As we continue recovery from Hurricane Harvey, we can expect an increase in the mosquito population. Corpus Christi residents are reminded to dump any standing water around your property that could become a breeding ground for mosquitos. It only takes a small amount of water to start the breeding process. Mosquito dunks are available at local home improvement stores and are a great way to treat standing water. Vector Control has also been deploying larvacide in our local ditches and areas of standing water for the past couple of days, as well as monitoring the mosquito counts in the various traps scattered throughout the city. Tonight, we will begin fogging/spraying to treat the city. This will continue until the entire city has been treated.   

We would also like to remind you to protect yourself, children and your pets. Be sure to wear long sleeves while outdoors. Use a mosquito repellant with DEET, follow the directions and seek information about how to use mosquito repellant on a young child. Dogs need to limit time outdoors since they are susceptible to heartworms caused by mosquitoes. Please only use veterinarian approved insect repellents on your pets. 

Below is a list of informational resources to include the City of Corpus Christi Mosquito Abatement Plan.