City Monitoring Health of Bayfront Palm Trees and Foliage Damaged by Recent Freezing Temperatures

-Frost-Burnt Palm Fronds to Remain for Two Weeks-

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – The City’s palm trees and downtown median landscaping are treasured elements of our beautiful bayfront. These palm trees and tropical foliage could have been damaged due to the recent extreme weather event.

The City’s Parks & Recreation staff have implemented a plan to closely monitor the health of the bayfront and downtown area palm trees and foliage. The City’s certified arborist advises it will take approximately two weeks to determine if a freeze-damaged palm tree can revive itself to full health. Brown and dying palm fronds will be left uncut to provide nutrients to the trees to help them recover. In about two weeks, the frost-burnt fronds will be cut from the tree or the entire palm tree will be removed if dead.

The Parks & Recreation Department has secured replacements for all palm trees, plants, and flowers that do not survive the impact of this past week’s extreme weather event. 

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