City Making Plans for Change In Water Disinfectant

Boil Water Advisory Continues

City Making Plans for Change in Water Disinfectant

Boil Water Advisory Continues

The City of Corpus Christi has been working since last Friday to stabilize disinfectant levels in several areas of Corpus Christi which lead to a citywide boil water advisory. Adequate disinfectant levels are an important factor in reducing or eliminating harmful bacteria in the water system. There has been no E.coli detected.

City officials have been weighing all options in collaboration with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to end the boil water advisory. Earlier today, samples the City tested were adequate to lift the boil water advisory but supplemental water samples taken by TCEQ caused them to question the stability of the water system resulting in the boil water advisory continuing.

The City will request permission from TCEQ tomorrow to begin the process of switching disinfectant types to free chlorine for 30 days in order to stabilize the water system and lift the boil water advisory. Official notifications will occur once approval is received to begin the alternative disinfectant.

The City will provide updates when information changes or when it is no longer necessary to boil water. Citizens can receive on-going information about the water boil advisory at the City website at (newsroom) or The newsroom also has a feature for residents to sign up for direct news via email.