City Launches New "In-Progress" Website

CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS – As part of the ongoing commitment to improve communication with citizens, the City of Corpus Christi recently launched the newest version of the City website. The “forward” site is an in-progress website that will allow for user feedback and migration of information from one site to another in full public view. The concept of transparent website migration is very new and Corpus Christi is helping lead the trend with other cities including New York and Philadelphia. 

“A great deal of research has been conducted regarding the design and new user experience to help citizens to navigate the website easier,” said Kim Womack, Communication Director. The new site was built using open source software and offers increased flexibility from traditional proprietary government software providers. “There will be “oops” moments and changes throughout the process but the opportunity for feedback is critical as we build a state-of-the-art website for our community,” added Womack.

Today’s launch represents the first phase of information with more departments, services and programs adding information to the “forward” site each day. In all, the main city website has over 30 departments, 768 pages and 2,435 files to move to the new site. Once the “forward” site has been completely populated it will become the main city website using the familiar website address.

Some of the improved features of the new website include:

Pay, Request, Report, and Info Kiosk – Quick connects to common information or issues.

Emergency Alert Box – Home page alert for critical information.

Calendar of Events – Main page presence and ability to search.

Improved Navigation – Usage of expanding menus with many options

Improved Accessibility – Built to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 with many AA standards to enable citizens of all abilities to navigate the website.

Video Options – Increased ability to use video throughout the site.

To check out the new “forward” site visit and follow the link or visit The City encourages residents to provide feedback as the site continues to be populated and asks for patience for any of our “oops” moments during the process.