City Hall in the Mall Big Success

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX - Citizens wanting to learn more about City departments headed to La Palmera Mall recently to take part in City Hall in the Mall. The event offered a unique opportunity for residents to get acquainted with the people who work for them at City Hall. It was a fun, engaging way to learn about the different City services and to meet the employees who make it all happen.

The first 250 people attending received a free goodie bag and those visiting booths received an opportunity to win prizes provided by the City and La Palmera Mall.

Approximately 30 City departments had booths featuring a variety of interactive displays as well as plenty of information. Visitors were able to sign up for a new library card, learn about how the City budget is built, enroll their kids for summer camp or even adopt a new pet. City Hall in the Mall was also a chance for the public to meet City Manager Margie C. Rose as well as several City Council Members.

Bringing all these departments together not only offers the public an opportunity to learn more about the inner-workings of local government, but an event like City Hall in the Mall also helps to build an obvious sense of pride and community among the citizens of the City of Corpus Christi and the people who work for them.