City Council Approves Gulf Beach Campfire

Ordinance Updates

On Tuesday, March 8, 2016, the Corpus Christi City Council approved updates to Code of Ordinance Section 10-67 regarding campfires on the Gulf Beach.

In recent years there have been an increasing number of brush fires on the island. In addition, there have been reported incidents of people being hurt and vehicles being damaged by covered fire pits along the beach that are still hot or have debris with sharp edges or nails because inappropriate materials were used for the fire. In response, the Watershore and Beach Advisory Committee reviewed and made suggestions for updating the ordinance to address these concerns.

The changes to the ordinance include:

  • increasing the distance campfires must be from permanent structures from 50 feet to 250 feet

  • simplifying the language regarding embers reaching the dune vegetation

  • prohibiting the use of pallets, plastics, furniture or any object that may leave a metal or hazardous residue to construct a campfire.

“The updates to the ordinance will help us keep all visitors of the Gulf Beaches safe from injury, as well as provide another layer of protection from the threat of fire for the dunes and property owners” said Stacie Talbert Anaya, Interim Director of the Parks and Recreation Department.

The updated ordinance will be effective starting this Spring Break. For more information about the campfire ordinance and what other rules and regulations beachgoers should observe on the Gulf Beach visit

For more information contact Parks and Recreation Beach & Natural Resources Superintendent Russell Armstrong at (361) 826-4168 or at

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