City Council Approves Collective Bargaining Agreement with Corpus Christi Police Officers Association

The Corpus Christi City Council approved the collective bargaining agreement between the Corpus Christi Police Officers Association (CCPOA) and the City of Corpus Christi earlier today. Through the agreement both sides were able to come to terms on economic and non-economic issues.

“We were able to balance both the needs of police officers and the needs of the community,” said Corpus Christi Police Officers Association President R. Scott Leeton. “The agreement represents give and take among both parties, as well as a commitment to our citizens,” added Leeton.

The two parties began collective bargaining on April 30, 2015 to arrive at a new contract. Over multiple bargaining sessions the collective bargaining teams negotiated terms and came to a tentative agreement which was ratified by the CCPOA and approved by City Council today.

“We are extremely pleased the CCPOA and City have come to an agreement” said City Manager Ron Olson. “The agreement illustrates a desire by both groups to move the City forward,” added Olson.

A signing ceremony is scheduled to commemorate the approval of the agreement on Thursday, September 17 at 10:00 a.m. in City Council Chambers.