City Board, Committee and Commission Vacancies for November 2015

The City Secretary’s Office is currently seeking biographical information forms for the following boards:

Airport Board – One (1) vacancy with term to 4-4-17.  The Airport Board advises the City Council concerning matters relating to the aviation interests of the City of Corpus Christi and the operation of the Corpus Christi International Airport facilities for the promotion of those interests.

Arts and Cultural Commission – Four (4) vacancies with terms to 9-1-17 and 9-1-18 representing the following categories:  1 – Youth/Education, 1 – Visual Arts, 1 – Marketing and 1 – Economic Development/Tourism.  The Arts & Cultural Commission recommends the use, location, lease or purchase of works of art to be considered a part of the beautification or cultural development of the City; to advise owners of private property in relation to beautification of their properties; to prepare specifications for the maintenance of works of art and to inspect such work for the guidance of the City departments concerned; to advise with respect to the design of building, bridges or other structures on city property if submitted to the Commission; to study and evaluate the activities in and the uses made of the Bayfront Arts & Science Park, and to plan the Park's development for the future activities and uses.

Building Standards Board – One (1) vacancy with term to 3-3-17 representing the following category:  1 – Lawyer.  The board hears appeals under the Building Standards and Housing Code, which shall be construed to secure the beneficial interests and purposes of safety, health, and general welfare, through structural strength, stability, sanitation, adequate light and ventilation, and safety to life and property from fire and other hazards incident to the construction, alteration, repair removal, demolition, use and occupancy of building or structure.

Citizens Advisory Health Board – Two (2) vacancies with terms to 11-11-17 and 11-11-18.  The board studies and assists in health and human service operations, services and programs, and makes recommendations to the City and County through the Director of Health and Human Services.

Committee for Persons with Disabilities – One (1) vacancy with term to 2-1-17.  The Committee for Persons with Disabilities provides a program to encourage, assist and enable persons with disabilities to participate in the social and economic life of the City; to achieve maximum personal independence; to become gainfully employed; and to enjoy fully and use all public and private facilities available within the community.

Community Youth Development (78415) Program Steering Committee – Nine (9) vacancies with terms to 8-31-16 and 8-31-17 representing the following categories:  5 – Residents of the 78415 Zip Code and 4 – At Large. The committee advises the City Council on a periodic basis of the progress regarding the Community Youth Development Program.

Corpus Christi Business and Job Development Corporation – One (1) vacancy with term to 7-31-16. The Corpus Christi Business and Job Development Corporation is organized exclusively for the purpose of benefiting and accomplishing public purposes of, and to act on behalf of the City, to undertake, maintain and finance projects through Propositions 4 and 5 approved by voters on November 7, 2000 and Propositions 2, 2a and 2b approved by voters on November 5, 2002.

Corpus Christi Community Improvement Corporation/Loan Review Committee – Eight (8) vacancies with terms to 5-7-17 and 5-7-18 representing the following categories:  3 – Community at Large, 1 – Financial Institution, 1 – Real Estate Agency, 1 – Engineer, 1 – Architect/Homebuilder and 1 – Legal Profession.  The committee reviews and approves loan applications submitted through the various loan programs.

Corpus Christi Convention and Visitors Bureau – One (1) vacancy with term to 10-1-16.  The Corpus Christi Convention & Visitors Bureau solicits various organizations and associations to conduct meetings/conventions/tradeshows within Corpus Christi year-round; to promote the City as a year-round destination; to design and implement an advertising campaign with state, national and international coverage to feature the Corpus Christi area as an attractive region in which to vacation or have conventions or group meetings; to provide support services to conventions in Corpus Christi; to operate visitor information centers; to provide information and advice to businesses interested in tourism and convention-related business in the Corpus Christi area; and to advise the City on projected growth of tourism and convention-related businesses to assist City planning efforts.

Human Relations Commission – One (1) vacancy with term to 6-14-17.  The Commission studies problems of group relationships within the City, and devises and recommends to the Mayor and City Council ways and means of discouraging and combating prejudice, intolerance, and bigotry in all groups in their relations with one another; discovers practices and policies calculated to create conflicts and tensions, and recommends ways and means of eliminating any unfair or unjust discrimination by or against any person or group.

Landmark Commission – Four (4) vacancies with terms to 11-20-18 representing the following categories:  1 – Historian, 1 –, Person Knowledgeable in Title Search and/or Property Surveyor 1 – Licensed Real Estate Salesperson and 1 – Regular Member. The Landmark Commission promotes the use of historical and cultural landmarks for the culture, prosperity, education, and general welfare of the people of the City and visitors to the City.

Leadership Committee for Senior Services – Three (3) vacancies with terms to 2-1-16 and 2-1-17 representing the following category:  2 – Community Representatives and 1 – Direct Service Agency Representatives.  The committee assists the Senior Community Services (SCS) division staff in the development of comprehensive senior citizens program plans; advises the SCS division staff of the needs for services according to locally conceived priorities; reviews and evaluates SCS operations;   increases recognition of volunteers and public awareness of the division by coordinating and planning special events; and coordinates and plans fund raising activities to benefit SCS division goals.

Library Board – Seven (7) vacancies with terms to 11-5-16 and 11-5-17.  The board advises the City Council and investigates and recommends to the Council matters relating to library services.

Oil and Gas Advisory Committee – Six (6) vacancies with terms to 12-31-16 and 12-31-17 representing the following categories:  2 - General Public (not connected with the oil and gas industry), 2 - Oil and Gas Well Industry, 1 - Alternate General Public and 1- Alternate Oil and Gas Well Industry.  Alternate members serve in the absence of the public or oil and gas well industry member who is absent.  The committee shall make a continuing study of operations for the exploration, drilling, and production of oil, gas and minerals and the possible effects of same upon the environment, public health, safety and general welfare of the City.

Retired and Senior Volunteer Program Advisory Committee – One (1) vacancy with term to 6-16-16 representing the following category: 1 - Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) Volunteer Workstation Representative (executive, director or similar leadership position at a non-profit agency that operates a RSVP Volunteer Station). The committee advises the City Council, City Manager and Parks Department Staff regarding the RSVP including but not limited to recruitment strategies; providing support in recruitment of volunteers and volunteer stations; serves as community advocates and liaisons; assists in development of non-federal resources to include fundraising and other duties related to the RSVP.  

Watershore and Beach Advisory Committee – Six (6) vacancies with terms to 12-11-16 and 12-11-17 representing the following categories:  1 – environmentalist, 1 – engineer, 1 - member of the Corpus Christi Convention & Visitors Bureau, 2 at-large and 1 - owner or representative of a hotel or condominium located on North Padre Island or Mustang Island  The committee advises and makes recommendations regarding use or preservation of the following areas within the city limits:  the waterfront, the beaches, and the natural bodies of water including but not limited to Gulf of Mexico, bays, rivers, and creeks, excluding the Marina area as defined by Section 2-264.

To apply go to the City of Corpus Christi’s website at For assistance please call Tamera Franklin at (361) 826-3893 or via e-mail at