CCIA Employee Recovers $85,000 Package

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX - Corpus Christi Airport Public Safety Officer Amy Cuevas received some high praise from a local hotel manager for locating a missing package worth thousands of dollars.

Recently, a hotel employee inadvertently dropped off $85,000 worth of unsigned checks at the airport instead of its intended destination. The hotel manager was understandably concerned, but thanks to Cuevas’ steadfast efforts and unwavering professionalism, she was able to track down the package and made sure the checks were returned safe and sound.

“I had just started my shift when this situation came up,” recalls Cuevas, who has worked in law enforcement for the past eight years.

“After talking with the hotel manager, I was able to locate the package and then made arrangements for its safe return to the hotel.”

Cuevas’ decisive action was a result of her extensive cross training as an Airport Public Safety Officer. In addition to going through rigorous police and fire training, Cuevas also received emergency management training for her current position. All of that along with her commitment to delivering excellent customer service resulted in a swift recovery and return of the hotel’s very valuable package.