Case Being Dismissed Against City Officials For Exercising Religious Beliefs


MARCH 23, 2016

CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS - Early this morning Mr. Greene, the person who sued City officials for exercising their religious beliefs, told the City’s attorney he is dismissing his suit against the Mayor and two Council Women. The City’s attorney notes that Mr. Greene has a history of filing suits against government officials, gathering free publicity and then dismissing the case before a court finds his case groundless and before he is held to account for his frivolous filing. In any event, the City welcomes this news of the dismissal. 

Statement from Mayor Nelda Martinez

“I learned today Mr. Greene is dismissing his suit.  Mr. Greene said he is doing this because of his wife’s medical condition. I am praying for Mr. Greene’s wife.

I did not want to respond with anger and ask the Court to punish Mr. Greene for filing a clearly frivolous and groundless lawsuit; However, Mr. Greene is on notice. Should he refile, we will have no other option but to utilize the legal system to defend our taxpayers from such a baseless suit. In my official and personal capacity, I will continue to attend celebrations like the ground breaking of the Corpus Christi Cross. I respect all faiths and beliefs and have the constitutional right to be afforded the same in my Christian faith."

Statement from Council Woman Lucy Rubio

“This was my first time to be a defendant in a lawsuit. What I learned is that there are things worth fighting for. Certainly, I believe my right to express my religious faith, even if I am an elected government official, is worth fighting for. The fight may not be easy, but at the end of the day you can stand up and look yourself in a mirror knowing, as Paul said, you fought the good fight and did the right thing.”

Statement from Council Woman Carolyn Vaughn

“This Case is personal to me - I am a member of the church where the cross is being built: the church is where my family and I go to worship. To me, the Cross has deep personal meaning, especially as we approach the Easter Holiday, it is a sign of love and hope. I consider it a duty and honor to protect my church's right, my family's right and most of all my God given right to express my personal faith and belief and to stand up as an American to defend our freedom to worship our God and express our religious beliefs. I respect Mr. Greene’s rights to his beliefs and will continue to pray for him.”