Boil Water Advisory Continues

City Makes Progress In Lifting Advisory

Boil Water Advisory Continues

City Makes Progress in Lifting Advisory

City crews worked overnight to clear areas in the City experiencing low chlorine disinfectant levels which resulted in a boil water advisory being issued Friday night. Adequate chlorine levels are an important factor in reducing or eliminating any harmful bacteria in the water system. There has been no E.coli detected.

Collaboration with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) continues with water sampling throughout the community planned for Saturday. City crews have increased water flushing, valve checks and sample result analysis. In order to lift the boil water advisory, twenty samples throughout the City must maintain adequate disinfectant levels and be free of any harmful bacteria. Tests performed today should have results back on Sunday for further evaluation.

The City has also developed a long term plan to help alleviate boil water advisories in the future after the boil water notices were issued in 2015. The water system design has inherent flaws including a linear design originating in northwest Corpus Christi, dead end water mains, and aging pipes throughout the community.

One example of this proactive plan includes both in-house and contract work to replace cast iron pipes to aid in water flow and remove sediment buildup. Work has already been completed in one neighborhood in Annaville and is in progress on North Beach and Glenmore Street. Data has helped City crews identify key areas to address and in what priority.

The City will provide updates when information changes or when it is no longer necessary to boil water. Citizens can receive on-going information about the water boil advisory at the City website at (newsroom) or The newsroom also has a feature for residents to sign up for direct news via email.