Blue Cart Basics

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX - Did you know there is a right way and a wrong way to recycle?

The Recycle Rangers are here to help! Just remember the three basics – Paper, Plastic and Metal – are the only items that should be in your blue recycling cart.

Paige O'Paper is always on the go and is found in your mail, newspapers, magazines, books, paper bags, cardboard and even liner-free frozen dinner boxes.

Bobby Bottle likes to keep things chill and you'll see him in the fridge with water bottles, milk jugs, yogurt and butter tubs and, yes, that empty jar of peanut butter you left on the shelf.

Tim Can, well, he likes things simple and includes all types of steel and tin products as well as aerosol and soda cans.

Remember – when in doubt, it's best to throw it out. Be mindful of your trash and you will be recycling right!