Backflow Preventer Demonstration

Shows Danger of Improper Connections

Corpus Christi, TX – Earlier today, a demonstration of what happens when a backflow preventer is incorrectly installed took place at the Utilities Department. It was put on by the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners using its mobile unit with see-through plumbing fixtures.

The team showed how improperly installed plumbing can introduce contaminants of an unknown source into the potable water supply through backflow and back-siphonage. The group stressed how using properly trained and licensed individuals to make these installations is critical along with utilizing required backflow protection.

In February, the City Council approved an amendment to an ordinance authorizing the City to inspect backflow devices using contractors and puts the cost to non-complaint businesses on their utility bill. Development Services estimates about 1,000 commercial devices and 300 commercial fire system devices are not in compliance. The next phase will include residential backflow compliance.

If you own a home or business, have a backflow preventer and would like to know if it’s in compliance, you can contact Development Services Customer Service Representative Angelita Costilla at (361) 826-3054 or at