August 2016 City Board, Committee and Commission Vacancies

The City Secretary’s Office is currently seeking biographical information forms for the following boards:

Arts and Cultural Commission – Three (3) vacancies with terms to 9-1-20 representing the following categories: 1 – Business Development Groups/Corporate Representative, 1- Performing Arts Representative, and 1-Public Art/Public Space Representative.  The Arts & Cultural Commission recommends the use, location, lease or purchase of works of art to be considered a part of the beautification or cultural development of the City; advises owners of private property in relation to beautification of their properties; prepares specifications for the maintenance of works of art and to inspect such work for the guidance of the City departments concerned; advises with respect to the design of buildings, bridges or other structures on city property if submitted to the Commission; studies and evaluates the activities in and the uses made of the Bayfront Arts & Science Park, and plans the Park's development for the future activities and uses.

Board of Adjustment – Seven (7) vacancies with terms to 4-4-18.  The Board of Adjustment hears appeals for interpretations of the zoning ordinance; for special exceptions authorized by the zoning ordinance, subject to safeguards to protect the public interest; and for variances where, owing to special conditions, the literal enforcement of the provisions of the zoning ordinance results in unnecessary hardship, so that the spirit of the ordinance shall be observed and substantial justice done.  An appeal may be made to District Court if dissatisfied with the decision of the Board.  Written notice of public hearing on each appeal is sent to the applicant and owners within 200 feet 10 days before the hearing date.

Community Youth Development (78415) Program Steering Committee – Nine (9) vacancies with terms to 8-31-16 and 8-31-17 representing the following categories:  5 – Residents of the 78415 Zip Code and 4 – At-Large. The committee advises the City Council on a periodic basis of the progress regarding the Community Youth Development Program.

Corpus Christi Community Improvement Corporation/Loan Review Committee – Eleven (11) vacancies with terms to 5-7-17, 5-7-18 and 5-7-19 representing the following categories:  4 – Community At-Large, 2 – Financial Institution, 1 – Real Estate Agency, 1 – Engineer, 1 – Architect/Homebuilder, 1 – Health/Human Services and 1 – Legal Profession.  The committee reviews and approves loan applications submitted through the various loan programs.

Corpus Christi Convention and Visitors Bureau – Seven (7) vacancies with terms to 8-1-18 representing the following categories:  4 – At Large, 1 – Restaurant Industry and 2 – Attraction Industry.  The bureau solicits various organizations and associations to conduct meetings/conventions/tradeshows within Corpus Christi year-round and to promote the City as a year-round destination.

Electrical Advisory Board – Two (2) vacancies with terms to 12-31-16 and 12-31-17 representing the following categories:   1 – Not Connected to the Electrical Industry and 1 - Commercial Builder (with 5 years’ experience). The board reviews grievances pertaining to contractors and the City Electrical Code.  It also can recommend to the City Council changes regarding the City Electrical Code.

Ethics Commission – Two (2) vacancies with terms to 10-1-19.  The commission duties are to prepare and publish pamphlets and other materials explaining the duties of individuals subject to the Code of Ethics, review complaints involving any city official, and review all statements and reports filed with the city.

Human Relations Commission – One (1) vacancy with term to 6-14-17.  The Human Relations Commission studies problems of group relationships within the City, and devises and recommends to the Mayor and City Council ways and means of discouraging and combating prejudice, intolerance, and bigotry in all groups in their relations with one another; to discover all practices and policies calculated to create conflicts and tensions, and to recommend ways and means of eliminating any unfair or unjust discrimination by or against any person or group.

Landmark Commission – Two (2) vacancies with terms to 11-20-17 representing the following categories: 2 - Regular Member.  The Landmark Commission promotes the use of historical and cultural landmarks for the culture, prosperity, education, and general welfare of the people of the City and visitors to the City.

Leadership Committee for Senior Services – One (1) vacancy with term to 2-1-18 representing the following categories:  Senior Center Participant.  The committee assists the Senior Community Services (SCS) division staff in the development of comprehensive senior citizens program plans, advises the SCS division staff of the needs for services according to locally conceived priorities and other duties relating to the SCS operations.

Mechanical/Plumbing Advisory Board –Two (2) vacancies with terms to 1-2-18 representing the following categories: 1 - Person with a Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Contracting Business (with at least 5 years active experience, preference for appointment may be given to persons licensed in the State of Texas in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration contracting (HVAC), and 1 - Home Building Industry (with at least 5 years’ experience). The board advises the City Manager regarding any matter in the mechanical, plumbing and irrigation fields that it considers should be brought to the attention of the City Council. The board also makes recommendations to the City Council regarding changes to the City Fuel Gas, Mechanical and Plumbing Codes.

Oil and Gas Advisory Committee – One (1) vacancy with term to 12-31-18 representing the following category:  General Public (not connected with the oil and gas industry). The committee shall make a continuing study of operations for the exploration, drilling, and production of oil, gas and minerals and the possible effects of same upon the environment, public health, safety and general welfare of the City.

Retired and Senior Volunteer Program Advisory Committee – Three (3) vacancies with terms to 6-16-18 representing the following categories: 1 - Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) Volunteer Workstation Representative (executive, director or similar leadership position at a non-profit agency that operates a RSVP Volunteer Station) and 2 – At-Large. The committee advises the City Council, City Manager and Parks Department Staff regarding the RSVP including but not limited to recruitment strategies; providing support in recruitment of volunteers and volunteer stations; serves as community advocates and liaisons; assists in development of non-federal resources to include fundraising and other duties related to the RSVP.

Tree Advisory Committee – Three (3) vacancies with term to 2-8-18 representing the following categories:  1 – At-Large, 1 – Landscape Architect and 1 – Arborist or Urban Forester. The committee reviews and recommends a formal written plan to the City Council for the care, preservation, pruning, planting, replanting, removal or disposition of public trees.

Water Resources Advisory Committee – Five (5) vacancies with terms to 4-1-18 representing the following categories:  1 - representative of the Port Industries of Corpus Christi, 1 - representative of a school district located within the city, 1 - representative of landscaping/nursery/horticulture interest; 1 - apartment owner or owner's representative, and 1 - citizen at-large.  The Water Resources Advisory Committee advises the City Council, City Manager and Water Superintendent in matters of water resources management.  The City Council, City Manager and Water Superintendent may refer matters to the committee to obtain their views.

To apply go to the City of Corpus Christi’s website at or select I Want To … Apply for a City Board at For assistance please call Tamera Franklin at (361) 826-3893 or via e-mail at