Graphics for News Releases

SPMP Daily Lane
Vax Clinics
7-4-22 Cooling Centers
Flashing LED STOP Signs
Laguna Shores Invite
West Guth Park
Waldron Field
Public Works Sandbag Distribution Event Map June 26
Graphic 6-8-22 City Cooling Centers for Social Media 2
revive the drive event map


Light Up CC 5-24-22 Zone Map
Graphic 5-12-22 Beach to Bay Route Map for Social Media 2
Graphic 5-12-22 Beach to Bay ISLAND Route Map for Social Media
Philip Dimmitt Park Map
Purdue Road Conversion Final
Graphic 5-3-22 Buc Days Map for Social Media 2
Graphic 5-3-22 Buc Days Map for Social Media 1
Seals w OVG Group 2
Traffic Alerts
Proclamations 7
04.06 Staples Street Crosswalk Graphic 2
Ocean Drive Airline Detour 4-06-22
Photo Contest 3-18-22 Green
West Haven Splash Pad Groundbreaking on April 1_1920x1080
CCSSP Rendering View4_2021-7-29
CCSSP Rendering View3_2021-7-29
CCSSP Rendering View1_2021-7-29
Hiring Event 2022
Graphic 3-25-22 Air Quality Advisory for Social Media
Day of Woman
West Haven Park Splash Pad Groundbreaking 030722_1920x1080
Beach to Bay Slate for 03-01-22
Love Your Park
Park Road 22 Lift Station
Cole Park 1
AEP Texas 400x400 logo
Graphic 12-1-21 Holiday Safety for Social Media_ revise
_Free Microchips 11-18-21 Social


Graphic 11-4-21 Holiday COVID-19 Safety
Six Points Overnight Work Nov 2021 1
Down Payment 11-03-21 Spanish
Re-opening Health Dist 10-14-21 1 002
Connections to assistance  10-01-21Social Media Spanish
Connections to assistance  10-01-21Social Media
Lane Closure 4
Ropes Park Cleanup Social Gfx 3
Graphic 9-15-21 Packery Channel Map for News Conference
Airline phase 3
Food for Fines 8-23-21
Richard Martinez
Connections to assistance 8-27-21 NR
West Nile Map 8-26-21
REVISED ABC  Third Dose clinic Map 8-17-21
Positive Site Map 08.12.21 UPDATED
Beat the heat
Six Points Map PHASE 3
Woof Pack Readers 8-04-21 Social media _2
Laguna Shores SMG-Jan 2021 1
Airline Road SM 4
Seize the Dream
_Free Microchips 7-07-21 Social Cancelled 1
NB Staples Street Map
CCIA Cell Phone Lot 6-10-21 Social Media
CCIA Cell Phone Lot 6-10-21 PNG
JettyClosed 2
Frost Bank Bldg New Sign 1
Civitan Sandbag Distribution 6-17-21
Free Microchips 6-16-21 Social
Pier Replacement Project
Six Points Map 1
Hazel Bazemore Park Graphic  6-11-21
Map West Guth Park 6-03-21
Graphic 5-28-21 COVID Vaccine Sites for Social Media
s.p.a.r.k. 2021
Adult Water Aerobics
ACS opens to public 5-24-21
Mike Murphy
Park Road 22 Detours - May 2021 17
Graphic 5-21-21 COVID Vaccine Sites for Social Media
Traffic Alert. May 2021
Graphic 5-13-21 Vector Control Map
Collier Pool 1
Pothole Blitz 5-03-21 1
Rodd Field Graphic
winter brush cleanup
Graphic 4-22-21 COVID Vaccine Sites for Social Media
Graphic 4-13-21 COVID-19 Vaccine Sites for Social Media final
pot hole sprayer
Graphic 4-12-21 La Palmera Mall Clinic Map 1
Victoria Park
HPP Graphic
Markle Edited
abc parking
Island Area Dev Plan
Graphic 3-23-21 Mega Clinic Map
FB Area Dev Plan 3-09-21 Online Comm Mtg
Graphic 3-19-21 Safe Fun-Fit fitness area MAP
Retiree gets vaccinated at ABC
Vaccination-map-2.22 update 2
Mega Clinic 3-8-21
Graphic 3-4-21 COVID-19 Vaccine Sites for Social Media
Vaccination-map-2.22 update 1
Graphic 2-26-21 Water Utility Relief Prgm for Social Media 2
Graphic 2-26-21 Off-Cycle Brush Removal Plan for Social Media
Vaccination-map-2.22 update
Assistant City Manager Neiman Young
Social Media Graphic Cole Park Pier Project Kick-Off 1
Graphic 2-17-21 Warming Centers for Social Media
Graphic 2-12-21 Warming Centers for Social Media
_Driscoll Childrens Hospital Map
Graphic 2-9-21 Clinic Map
Volleyball League
Driscoll Vaccination Site English
Construction Update
DMD 2-way Streets SM GRAPHIC
Airline GRAPHIC 1
2020.07.10_Cole Park Pier_Updates TK_Page_1
2020.07.10_Cole Park Pier_Updates TK_Page_2
2020.07.10_Cole Park Pier_Updates TK_Page_5
2020.07.10_Cole Park Pier_Updates TK_Page_6
Airline Road SM 1
Graphic 12-8-20 Big Bang NYE Map for PP Slides
Graphic 12-2-20 New Year Big Bang Logo 1
Graphic 12-7-20 Big Bang NYE for iPR thumbnail
Graphic 12-2-20 Runoff Election Begins for Social Media
Graphic 12-2-20 Runoff Election Begins for Social Media 1
Graphic 12-2-20 Runoff Election Vote by Mail for Social Media
FishPond Invitation _2 11-25-20 1
Bond Graphic 2
Graphic 11-20-20 Holiday FOG
Strasbourg Graphic 1 1
Graphic 11-17-20 STAPLES STREET
Park Road 22 Traffic Shift.graphic
Laguna Segment 1 5
Laguna Segment 1 3
10-29-20 Last Day of Early Voting Spanish
Graphic 10-23-20 Elections for iPR thumbnail
Apply for Ballot 10-22-20 Spanish
Vote by Mail Spanish 10-01-20
Eleccion 10-13-20
FB Area Dev Plan 9-11-20 Comm Meeting
Ocean Drive Map with Logo
Spanish CBDG-DR greengrey
Graphic 9-2-20 Elections Register to Vote for Social Media
Graphic 9-22-20 Park Trees for iPR Carousel
Holly Road Project
Graphic 9-19-20 Storm Surge Protection Levee Gates for Social Media 2
Graphic 9-18-20 Sandbag Bill Witt Park for iPR
Pothole Blitz 9-17-20
Graphic 9-11-20 Budget Approved
bond 2020 graphic
Graphic 9-9-20 Virtual Task Force Meeting
Graphic 9-3-20 BROWSE  and Go
Copy of Graphic 9-2-20 Starbucks Detour Revised
Graphic 9-2-20 Starbucks Detour
Staples Street Project Complete Graphic
Graphic 9-1-20 DD Meeting
CDBR-DR color graphic
Graphic 8-27-20 New Road Closures Graphic for iPR Carousel
Graphic 8-26-20 Desalination for iPR Carousel
Downtown Gateways Graphic
Road Closure
Holly Road Project Scope Social Media Graphic
_Proposed Budget 2020-2021  Session 5 Spanish
_Proposed Budget 2020-2021  Session 4 Spanish
Graphic 8-17-20 Budget Input Session 4
_Proposed Budget 2020-2021  Session 3 Spanish
Graphic 8-13-20 Proposed Budget 2020-2021 Meeting
Graphic 8-12-20 Proposed Budget 2020-2021 Meeting info template
Graphic 8-10-20 Leopard Detours for Social Media 2
_Proposed Budget 2020-2021  Session 2 Spanish
_Proposed Budget 2020-2021  Session 1 Spanish
Graphic 7-30-20 Proposed Budget 2020-2021
Graphic Aug 2020 RSRP Social Media Delivery Order 1
Graphic 7-31-20 SWS Map for Debris Removal
2020_Vector_MosquitoSpray FINAL
Graphic 6-26-20 Big Bang Carousel Postponed 1
2020 Updated Vector Mosquito Spray Map
_Beat the Heat
Hurricane Season Begins Today
Turn Around Don't Drown
safe fit - fun logo_jpeg
Island Skypel Meeting
County_City Seal
Coronavirus Website
Prevention Tip Wash Hands
Coronavirus Thumbnail
Lawrence Street T-Head Map
Girls BB Fact Sheet
Games-of-Texas-Logo-Clear Background
Warrant Roundup Amnesty
Labonte Park
Mini Dribblers Flyer
LETTER ORDER Corpus Christi Police OfficerAlan McCollum
Oso Bay Walking Trails
MLK Graphic
Micro-Soccer Flyer
Westside Community Survey
Blucher Park
Southside and London Surveys