Carousel Graphics 2020 / 2021

Mosquito Schedule
Community Survey
2023 Junior Olympics Boxing Tournament
Bill Witt Aquatic Center
Home COVID-19 Test
AT&T Grant Award
Building and Fire Codes
City Study of the American Bank Center
Mud Bridge Website
 Holiday by the Bay
Operation Heat Help
Graphic 10-3-22 Bond Book for iPR Carousel
Graphic 8-24-22 Peoples Street Boardwalk for iPR Carousel
Graphic  8-23-22 Shade Structures for iPR Carousel
Graphic 8-24-22 New 311 for iPR Carousel
Graphic 8-24-22 No Hazardous Chemicals in Carts for iPR Carousel
Art Exhibit at La Retama
Mayor & Council Election 2022
COVID-19 Vaccines
Westside ADP
Tourism Public Improvement District
2022 Highway Safety Improvements Program
Tree purchase and installation
Whitecap Public Hearing
Tuberculosis Prevention and Control
41222 Graphic for iPR Carousel Municipal Court Judges 1
 ABC Conference Center Hotel
Wesley Seale Dam Rehabilitation
North Beach Contract
Save Our Streets (Squared)
Shaded Structures Approved by Council
Graphic 2-21-22 NPI Maintenance Facility for iPR Carousel
Graphic 1-26-22 CCFD Council Item for iPR Carousel
Pedestrian Safety Devices
 Playground Equipment
Graphic 12-21-21 Holiday Safety for iPR Carousel
Graphic 12-21-21 Holiday Recycling for iPR Carousel
Graphic 12-10-21 CCACS Home to Home for iPR Carousel
Winter Quarter Averaging
Down Payment Assistance Program
Graphic 11-15-21 Dimitt Pier for iPR Carousel
Graphic 11-15-21 Whataburget Field for iPR Carousel
Graphic 11-15-21 Thanksgiving Holiday for iPR Carousel
Down Payment Assistance Program
West Haven Park 10-25-21
Gabe Lozano 10-25-21 Carousel Set
Buc Days 10-25-21 Carousel Set
Graphic 10-14-21 Small Business for iPR Carousel
Weekly Road Closures Carousel
Graphic 9-22-21 IMP
Tree Planting 9-22-21
Graphic 9-7-21 City Budget for iPR Carousel
Graphic 9-2-21 Teen MVP for iPR Carousel
Richard Martinez Carousel 8-30-21 3
Richard Martinez Carousel 8-30-21 2
_Case Resolution Month 8-26-21 Carousel
Water Utilities 08-11-21
Parks Master Plan 08-11-21
CCIA 8-11-21
Crime Control Budget Approved for FY 2022
Island Traffic Cameras
Games of Texas
Mosquito Spraying Schedule 7-12-21
Holiday Schedule
Graphic 6-17-21 Brawner Parkway for iPR Carousel
Pier Replacement Project
Mosquito Spraying Schedule
Graphic 5-27-21 Memorial Day Schedule for iPR Carousel
Graphic 5-27-21 Wastewater Treatment Plant for iPR Carousel
Graphic 5-25-21 Police Sub-Station for iPR Carousel
Graphic 5-24-21 Mike Murphy for iPR carousel
 New Engineering Contracts
Museum of Science and History
Graphic 5-6-21 SOS Hotline for iPR Carousel
Rodd Field Rd
Graphic 4-23-21 SWS Recycling Contamination for iPR Carousel
Graphic 4-23-21 North Beach for iPR Carousel
Graphic 4-16-21 Bay Water Quality for iPR Carousel
Graphic 3-30-21 Wastewater iPR Carousel Template
Graphic 3-30-21 Compost Facility for iPR Carousel
Graphic 3-29-21 CCPD Chief Markle Retiring for iPR Carousel
Graphic 3-24-21 Police Training Academy for iPR Carousel 1
Graphic 3-24-21 Water Aerobics for iPR Carousel
Graphic 3-18-21 BOND Design Firms for iPR Carousel
Graphic 3-18-21 COVID-19 Vaccine Pre-Registration for iPR Carousel
Graphic 2-26-21 Off-Cycle Brush Removal Plan for Social Media
Graphic 2-24-21 New ACM for iPR Carousel
City Facility
Boil Water Notice in Effect
Carousel Copy Winter Storm Closures for Social Media
Graphic 2-9-21 Motor Grader for iPR Carousel
_COVID-19 Vaccines for iPR Carousel
_Safe Fun-Fit Carousel
Graphic 12-23-20 Swearing In Ceremony for iPR Carousel
Graphic 12-23-20 Cole Park Pier for iPR Carousel
Graphic 12-8-20 Affordable Housing for iPR Carousel
12-9-20 ARff Truck for iPR Carousel
Graphic 12-2-20 CCFD New Asparatus for iPR Carousel
Graphic 11-25-20 Early Voting Carousel for iPR
Graphic 11-13-20 Christmas Holiday for iPR Carousel
Graphic 11-13-20 Runoff Election for iPR Carousel
Graphic 11-13-20 Thanksgiving Holiday for iPR Carousel
Graphic 11-13-20 Weekly Road Closures
Graphic 11-11-20 CCIA Recovery for iPR Carousel
Graphic 11-11-20 Flu Clinic for iPR Carousel
Graphic 11-5-20 Bond 2020 iPR Carousel
Graphic 11-5-20 Council Elected Members for iPR Carousel
Graphic 10-29-20 Last Day of Early Voting for iPR Carousel
Graphic 10-16-20 Election Register by Mail for iPR Carousel
Graphic 10-12-20 Early Voting Carousel for iPR
Graphic 10-9-20 Halloween Website Promo Carousel
Graphic 9-28-20 Desal Town Hall Mtgs for iPR Carousel
Graphic 9-28-20 Register to Vote for iPR Carousel
Graphic 9-19-20 Beach Access Restriction TS Beta for Carousel
Graphic 9-11-20 Budget Approved Carousel 2
Labor Day Beaches for iPR Carousel
Graphic 8-31-20 Labor Day Closures
Graphic 8-11-20 Mosquito Spraying Schedule Carousel
Graphic 8-4-20 RSRP Carousel
Graphic 7-29-20 Hurricane Hanna Debris Carousel
Graphic 7-25-20 Hurricane HANNA Thumb
Graphic 7-23-20 Weather Alert Carousel REVISED
COVID deaths 7-21-20 3
_7-15-20 Vehicular Access Restrictions Carousel
Copy of Graphic 7-13-20 Beat the Heat Carousel
Graphic 7-8-20 Safe Fun-Fit RESCHEDULED carousel
Graphic 6-26-20 Big Bang Carousel Postponed 1
Graphic 6-23-20 4th of July Carousel
Graphic 6-19-20 Big Bang Carousel
Graphic 6-16-20 Carousel North Beach Phase I
Graphic 6-16-20 Carousel Bond Rating Upgrade
Graphic 6-9-20 Mosquito Spraying Schedule Carousel
Graphic 6-1-20 Safe Fun-Fit Carousel_
Municipal Court Opens Carousel 2
Sunrise Beach Carousel
 CC Public Library Digital Service
Graphic 5-22-20 Safe Fun-Fit Carousel
Graphic 5-19-20 Carousel Memorial Day Schedule
Graphic 5-8-20 Pool Plan Carousel
Dungeons and Dragons
Weekly Road Closures April 2020
Coronavirus Webpage
Gamer's Prom
Development Services Hours
Warrant Roundup
Roaring Twenties Party
Harry Potter
Circus Chickendog
Writer's Workshop
Warrant Roundup
Warrant Roundup Amnesty
Meet _ Carousel _2
Richard Martinez Carousel
Vision Zero Carousel Graphic
_WIC Mobile Unit Carousel
Wastewater Winter Quarter Averaging