2017 Year in Review

Municipal Court Warrant Roundup Nets 2,474 Cases Cleared / January
MLK March / January
Utilities Flushing Program / February
CCFD 38th Academy Graduation / February
Downtown Redevelopment Open House / February
Water Disinfectant Conversion / February
CCIA Triennial Exercise / March
Buccaneer Days! Dunk of the Mayor / May
Police Memorial Ceremony / May
Mayor's Swearing-in Ceremony / May
CCIA Tourist Exhibit / June
Lindsey-Opel Swearing- in Ceremony / July
Budget Balancer / August
Solar Eclipse / August
Hurricane Evacuation / August
Harvey Aftermath / August
Humane Society Rescues Animals Displaced by Harvey / September
911 Remembrance Ceremony / September
La Niña Recovery Efforts / December
Fire Station No.18 / November
Harvey Debris Collection / October
Ropes Park, Aviator Statue / October
Snow Day / December
Employee of the Year / December