Carroll Lane Bond Project Completed

Our city has seen some unprecedented events in the year 2020. Despite all that the Engineering and Public Works departments have kept moving forward and working on your bond projects.


Bond 2014 Carroll Lane was completed in late August and the project had some massive improvements. This is the section of Carroll Lane from McArdle Road and Houston Street.


 The street consisted of a full-depth reconstruction of the existing roadway which included removal and replacement of the existing asphalt pavement with new asphalt pavement.


The project also included new concrete bus stops, curb and gutter, sidewalks and ADA ramps.


The reconstruction also saw an off-street cycle track introduced to the area, so you don’t have to worry about riding your bike on the roadway so close to cars.


The project did reduced the width of Carroll Lane which required removal of some on-street parking. That means there will only be parking on one side of the street, which will alternate to balance residential parking needs and parking requirements for Gloria Hicks Elementary.


The area also saw improvements to Utility’s. Those improvements include water, stormwater, gas and wastewater.



 Go Ahead! Come by and take a ride on the New Carroll Lane and see your Bond dollars at work.

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